Douglas Marine worked for Marina Militare Italiana, for the Army and for Financial Police. Products made by Douglas Marine benefit from good reputation and they are subject of positive feedbacks from end-user.

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Finale Ambiente S.p.A.

“We were anxious to tell you that we could test the optimum level of product performance on the occasion of two extraordinary storm tides during last April…”

Government Corrections Officers

“The springs have been installed for mooring of our deep-sea patrol boats, at present they have proved to be of vital importance during adverse maritime weather conditions…”

Santa Margherita Ligure Harbor

“New inscription for ‘Santa’ harbor.
Pier plaque will be replaced thanks to the iniziative of mister Douglas Scotti…”


Douglas Marine have the greatest reputation and good feedbacks.

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Douglas Marine claim a high numbers of patents filed. Research and innovative solutions.

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Douglas Marine complement the wide range of products with custom items creation.

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