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The reasons behind this successful action are often summerised in few words, it's a mere matter of being the first to sail and know how to keep up with technology and market development.

Douglas Scotti Marino CEO

Mister Douglas continues: “This is Douglas Marine foundational motto: it is born in 1976 from my passion for boating world and from my belief that stainless steel, cutting-edge and difficult to work those years, was the best material for this sector. I'm proud to say we are the first company in the world to produce stainless steel shackles with cold process, with machinery and technologies invented and made up from me.

Present and future of Douglas Marine are represented from the pledge to produce accessories characterized by the utmost care for design, convenience, reliability and final-user needs. Not only for philanthropy, but believing that a satisfied user will continue to nurture the passion for boats and will be, therefore, a faithful user.

Douglas Marine can be distinguished from other companies for the relentless technological research of materials and new production systems, and, as an evidence, we have over ten patents.

Douglas Marine now is a world wide leader for mooring devices production with a range of shock absorbers for boats from 7 up to 900 tons, asymmetric anchors self guidance devices up to 180kg, as well as devices for a perfect chains stowage, and for production of saddle tanks with machines designed and implemented by us.

Our objective is the "Quality", achieved with countless tests on our products. Furthermore, for Yours and Your Customers serenity, all our items are covered by "Civil Responsibility Insurance". There are many other innovations in our pipeline and Douglas Marine looks forward to be able to introduce them in the near future.


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Douglas Marine claim a high numbers of patents filed. Research and innovative solutions.

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Douglas Marine complement the wide range of products with custom items creation.

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